Pac vs. Mosley April 16th, 2011



Horrible fight. Will watch cause it's Pac but don't care at all.

 theres really no one else for him to fight right now....unless floyd wants it

Berto aint ready



Here come the Pactards to gobble this one up. When are you guys going to get tired of seeing Manny beat Mayweather's left overs?

This won't be signed though. Manny should fight Sergio Martinez at 154. Another fighter more interesting: JMM...

 I dont want to see JMM get knocked down again, and again, and again.........Sergio would be a great fight

Manny should fight Sergio Martinez at 154

Come on. A guy who should be at 140 should fight a guy who will weigh 170-175?

Pac SHOULD be fighting Floyd, but what can you do? Floyd won't step up.


 pac isnt fighting in april.... he is fighting May 7th.... no opponent named yet....

Good fight as it is the only way to measure the performance of Mayweather.

Floyd beating Mosley was the greatest performance of all time against a dangerous and talented opponent, but Pac fighting him is a joke.....

give Pac a year - He will fight Sergio

Sergio Martinez is just too big for him, for reals this time.

He's not fighting on April 16. He's fighting on May 7.

Fanhouse is a shitty source for sports information.