Pace counters?

What is the proper way to use a Ranger Pace Counter? Thanks for
the help!

Find your average pace count for 100 meters(walk a 100 meter course, preferably over uneven ground, a couple times, then average the results of each one together--if you will be using the counter while wearing a ruck, h-gear, etc then wear them when you do the pace count).

Now that you have your number, when you are rucking, each time you count to whatever your number was, 120 for example, you pull one bead down from the 9 group. When you get through all 9 beads, you do your next count, and then pull one down from the 5 group. That is 1 click, or kilometer. Now you continue, next 120 steps, move one up from the 9 group, etc. Or you can reset the 9 to the top again after you pull down the other bead, and continue pulling the 9 down as you progress--depends on what you find easier.