pacers at kings tonight

should be a good game, kings coming off a tough loss to minnie

Yeah, I think the Pacers will pay tonight. It's kinda funny how they're getting so much talk so soon this year, when they did the same thing last year up until the all star break. Then they fell apart. heh

pacers are a solid team but they won't go very far into the playoffs even in the east

Damnit, I'd love to watch it but the only thing I get down here is the Lakers and Jazz game. GO JAZZ!! :)

I think you were right Rod, this is gonna be a good game.

If you don't mind I think I'll just comandeer this thread. :)

16-14 Kings with just under 4 minutes left in the first.
Jermaine Oneal has 6pts and 7 boards already!!

I'm gonna go get beer, brb.

Jermaine Oneal already has 10 pts and 8 boards with 7:58 left in the first half!!

34-30 Kings

Fuck, 36-36 5:01 left in the first half.

LOFL!!! It's only a 42 - 39 Kings lead but Artest just got ejected!!!!

Here's the pbp from's update. Start at the bottom and go upward.

(3:31) [IND] Artest Substitution replaced by Croshere
(3:31) [IND] Artest Ejection: Second Technical
(3:31) [IND] Artest Foul: Technical (2 PF)
(3:31) [IND] Team Timeout: Regular
(3:31) [IND] Artest Foul: Technical (2 PF)
(3:31) [IND] Artest Turnover: Foul (1 TO)
(3:31) [IND] Artest Foul: Offensive (2 PF)

57-46 Kings at the half!! Miller and Vlade are both gonna have at least double double's tonight, Miller's got a great shot at a triple double.

Miller's got 12 pts, 7 boards, and 7 assists in the half!!

Vlade's got 10 pts, 8 boards and 3 assists, but he's also got 3 fouls so who knows how much he'll play in the second half.

Bibby has 10pts and Peja's got 11pts.

Artest had nine when he got the boot.

Oneal has had 14 pts and 8 boards for a good 5 or so minutes before they got to the half.

Pacers have gotten to the line MUCH more than the Kings.
15-18 for the Pacers at the line and 6-7 for the Kings. Kings need to quit fouling.

FUCK!!! 74-73 Kings at the end of the third, this game is starting to look sort of like the Wolves game stat wise.

Vlade got his huge double double and Miller is one assist away from his triple double but this game is too close. Peja is shooting 6-13 which is unnacceptable for him. lol

91-88 kings final score, good game by the sounds of it

wow huge game by miller 18 15 and 10 and 2 blocks

VERY good game, not for my ulcers though. lol, were you following along on a little bit too or how were you listening??

Kings got the rebound when it was 89-88 Kings with 17 secs left when they took a TO. It was a must foul game for Indiana and I was soooo hoping that they could get the ball in Peja's hands and somehow they apparently did.

Vlade and Miller had the double double and triple double like I knew they would after seeing their halftime stats.

HUGE games, Miller with the 18 pts, 15 boards, and 10 assists.

And Vlade with the 12 pts, 10 boards, and 6 assists.

Those guys are an incredible tandem.

Peja got his shit together and finished with 27 pts and 5 boards to lead all scorers in the game.

He was 10-20 which is satisfactory with me. I'd have been happy with the win regardless of his % though.

just got a home a few minutes ago to catch the last few seconds on and catch some hilights on headline sports

where the hell did this miller come from, he's having a career year in a very tough conference

that didn't work. lol

Do you really not know who Miller is or are you just asking how he broke out all of a sudden??

i know he's not an overnight sensation but i've never been exposed to him

Whoa, I wouldn't have known of him either but last year he was with the Pacers and was the guy that Shaq threw the gayest punch in Gaysville at!!! Brad fouled him hard before that. You probably haven't seen it but I've referred to him as Brad "The Shaq Killer" Miller several times this year. :)

He was an Eastern all star last year along side his former teammate Jermaine O. I and many others thought that he was an allstar only/mainly cause of the weak division he was in, but he's fitting in WAY better with Sacramento than he did in Indiana.

lol, cool stuff. :)

Do you know who he is now??