Pacers win, Reggie is still Clutch

Damn, it looked like the Pistons were gonna pull off the road win for a while there. Leave it to Reggie, he hadn't hit a FG all game until the score was tied with 31 seconds left, then he buries the 3. lol, I'd fuckin love to see that guy get a ring.

They just showed all his clutchness on espn. I love seeing all those crazy shots he's made, I wonder what he was saying back and forth to Spike Lee. lol

Both teams sucked, neither deserved to win that game.

Slick is correct, that's why I feel bad for Reggie, he's not gonna get it, not this year at least. :(

I wonder how much he's got left, cause his team is certainly gonna be strong for a while.

"Miller time is over."

No it's not, he did his thing just last night. lol

LOFL!!!!!!! If we're lucky.

Old Reggie!! Mr Clutch! He loves those last min 3's!!

I'm rooting for Reggie. Cheap or not, he's stayed with the Pacers forever. I'm kind of suprised people aren't rooting for him to win a ring like they were for David Robinson last year.

If Reggie retires, there are rumors floating around that the Pacers will sign his long lost brother Veggie. The resemblance is uncanny