Packers selling 6,000 calorie 22-inch Kielbasa









the Packers will offer their fans the chance to consume 6000 calories in a single order at the concession stand. That would be the 22-inch Kielbasa that comes in a semi-circular bun with “beer cheese” and “fried sauerkraut”. Anyone reading this who is related in any way to a cardiac surgeon is sending this info along with the idea that the whole family is going to relocate to northeastern Wisconsin and make enough money to buy Warren Buffett out of BNSF. AYFKM… [Are You F***ing Kidding Me]?

Oh, but the good folks who provide the victuals at Lambeau Field are not done yet. In addition to the “Kielbasa From Hell”, they will also allow you to order – and presumably consume – an order of “Bratchos”. Folks who are facile with English will conclude that this is a dish that marries bratwurst and nachos; they would be correct. This bad boy will come to the consumer in a tub that is about half the size of a football and contains all the ingredients you might imagine would be in bastardized nachos that had bratwurst in them.

EMTs are standing by at Lambeau Field in case anyone is foolhardy enough to order and consume both of these items on the same day. The human circulatory system did not evolve to survive that level of stress and strain….....

I would go full fag on this and lick it use two hands for the sake of making fans near me uncomfortable. Phone Post 3.0

fucking german-americans

I just came Phone Post 3.0

Fuckin love America. We just don't have shit like that here in oz. I watch man vs food and fucking salivate. Phone Post 3.0

Surely, that beast is meant for a party or something, right?

How the fuck do you even eat that at a stadium?? Half of it would end up on the ground.

Eat that and wash it down with this 99 pack of beer


Da bears Phone Post 3.0