Pacman vs. the Thai

Did anyone see the fight between Pacman vs. Fashan this weekend? Pac only trained 2 weeks for this and his timing was off and was breathing from his mouth after the 3rd. Regardless he KO'd the guy who has never been ko'd before in the fourth round after dropping him in the 2nd and 3rd round. Roach has been working on his right hand and he used it a lot during the fight to get ready for JMM. Roach wants him back in LA at the gym right after christmas, but it looks like he wont get to LA till the first week of January. He better take this fight seriously or JMM will knock him out. He ko'd the guy with a left uppercut that litteraly launched the thai fighter off his feet, Roach said he usually only see's this in the heavyweights and has never seen this in the featherweights, regardless his camp said he was not in shape and should do some serious training for JMM.

Pacman is amazing

pacman has crazy power and speed

Who is JMM?


thank you sir

Pac will take care of JMM early this time. And then finish off MAB once again. He is the best feather with power in both hands.

i don't know about that man.... jmm is a technical machine, and he learns to deal with styles over the fight better than just about anyone. i'm still pissed about his loss to norwood... anyways, compare the beginning of their first fight with the end. if pacquiao didn't have that beating of a first round, he would have lost.

jmm knows what to expect now and can continue with what he was starting. he's not jumping into something new. then again pacquaio is ridiculously amazing so who knows.... if there's anyone who can deal with him though in this division it's jmm.