Pacquaio/ 24/7 series to date?

The first episode was intense for Paqman, I can't remember wanting to tune into it so badly.

There really seems to be a perfect storm for Paqman to go down right now, but I just think Cotto is damaged goods after the Margarito beating.

U serious? I watched the first episode and wasn't into it that much. Hopefully is gets better closer to fight time.


Yeah, I miss the drama of the Mayweathers when they're not on. Those kids are crazy.

24/7 seems kinda dull without MW. Still great though.

Roger is comic gold, but I find Floyd and his father boring.

I find it much more interesting watching Paqman in his own country as it is being destroyed around him and Roach trying to get him out of dodge and facing much resistance.

That and the fact that there was an actual brawl within his camp.

The Mayweathers talk shit, but never come to blows. Paqman's business guy was bitch slapped...LOL.

Yeah man, Pac's camp looks like a fucking circus. I try not to judge who's going to win by training documentaries, but it's hard to see how all that drama is going to be good for his prep.

Of course, Cotto just dismissed a sparring partner and now is trading barbs with him in the press, so it's not smooth sailing over there, either.

I thought it was boring compared to any episode ofPac-Hatton 247. Still enjoyed it though.