Pacquiao/Cotto in Red Bank,NJ?

 Of course my girlfriend had to be born 26 years ago this Saturday.  This coincides with a fight i have been waiting to watch ever since Pacquiao has been moving up in weight with Cotto being my favorite boxer.

She is planning on going to Red Bank, NJ to celebrate her birthday, and has asked me to find a bar to go to after our dinner plans. 

Now that i am in control of the Bar we go to i can pick one that is showing the fight.  Obviously Hooters is out of the question.  I can not find anywhere on the interwebs that lists bars showing the fight.  I called down to Ashes already and they do not show the fights.

Help a brother out.


Sorry didn't read the whole post... If no ashes u might be screwed. Good luck!

 I was told to try The Wall Street Pub.