Pacquiao vs. Cotto?

 Just read this on ESPN.  Provided Cotto gets past Clottey next month (not the easiest task at hand), Arum is thinking about doing Cotto/Pacquiao in October.  PBF would happen sometime in 2010.  WTF?!  And honestly, I don't care what anyone says, Pacman just doesn't have it for Cotto.  Cotto by killer body shot KO.

Cotto will win... too big for Pacman.

Still, props for Pacman for wanting to fight bigger fighters.

 Honestly, the only thing I see stopping Cotto right now is any mental scarring from the Margacheato fight.  I hope he's over it.

Michael Scofield - Pacman is way too fast for Cotto. Judah made Cotto look slow in the first half of their fight.

 I think Cotto proved in the Mosley fight that not only can he overcome speed advantages, but he's also not that slow himself.  And he can box as well as punch.  Let's see how well Pacman does with a guy that actually moves his head. 

Margarito barely knocked out Miguel Cotto and he may have needed plaster in his handwraps to do it.

I think Cotto beats Manny.

CRE - My prediction, Cotto's son cries

 so says the Margacheato fan.

 CRE hates Puerto Ricans.  You heard it here first.  lol

I love Cotto, but I think Manny beats him.

 I find it hard to believe Freddie would let Manny take this fight.

JDolo -  I dont like this fight for Manny.  Not that I count him out, but there is no need to take such a risky fight, if the ultimate goal is Floyd. He'd be better off taking a less risky opponent, and be sure to head into the Floyd fight with continuous momentum.

 the ultimate goal is money.  Cotto scores huge PPV buys in the Puerto Rican community, along with buys in other latin communities.  Pacman gets the filipino buys, and is now turning into a star regardless of ethnicity.  This fight has $$$ written all over it, and who ever wins will definately get the mega-fight with PBF, although I see PBF ducking Cotto and a. retiring again or b. going through with a less hyped, but still popular pacman fight.  Of course, this is assuming that Floyd gets past Marquez.

CRE - 
CaptainPlanet - 
CRE - My prediction, Cotto's son cries

 so says the Margacheato fan.

If he had to cheat to win, Cotto should be begging for a rematch, instead he's fighting a natural 130 lber who's going to drop him, LOL.. 

LOL Margarito was laughing beforehand knowing the butchering that was to commence

you know damn well the only reason why that fight won't happen is due to the suspension, not to mention Margacheato having to fight is way from the bottom up to prove he's a legit fighter.  Cotto has never turned down a fight, give the man credit.  If he did, he wouldn't be fighting Clottey.