Padding an auto accident?

Tried this in the legalground, but no response, so what say you? Reposted below:

SWIM thought she might startt a thread for the purely academic discussion of how one might get the most, the fastest out of being rear-ended. Obviously, SWIM would first HAFL, which she would have already done, and been seeing her chiropractor 3x/week. I would say if SWIM is 4 months post accident and hasn't heard any good news so far, she might ask her chiropractor if the urinary incontinence she has noticed ever since the accident is possibly related.

What think you all? Academically speaking, what might SWIM do to get the most cash ASAP assuming she did not have morality as an impediment. Hehehe.




Which part did you not understand?

SWIM = Someone Who Isn't Marcilla

HAFL = Hire A Fucking Lawyer

ASAP = As Soon As Possible

XXOO = kisses and hugs

Now give SWIM some advice. She needs FFS, TCR, SRS, and an SC430 hehehe!



This is what your brain looks like with too much lemon and water.


The next time you talk to SWIM, you might pass on what I
learned from two car accidents that I had recently.

First off, SWIM should see her PCP and try to get
prescriptions for physical therapy, massage therapy, and any
other kind of therapy that might be indicated. She should go
to all of those therapy appointments and get more if her
problems have not resolved.

Then, she should get her PCP to refer her to a urologist so
that she might have her incontinence treated. She might also
tell her chiropractor just so the medical reports match.

SWIM should save all medical records, receipts, and x-rays
relating to her accident. SWIM should also keep very
accurate records of her pain since the accident and of the
number of days missed from work, and how much income
she lost because of those missed days.

If SWIM practices MMA, grappling, BJJ, or MT, SWIM should
not tell the other guy's insurance company or lawyer about
these activities, as TOGSL will try to claim that SWIM's
injuries were the result of her excessive martial arts training.
SWIM might also not want ot mention any prior chiropractic
care that she received in the past, as TOGSL will try to claim
that her prior problems were not resolved, or that her former
chiropractor, and not the car accident, injured her neck.

SWIM might be warned that the other guy's insurance
company will not take the chiropractor's report as seriously
as an M.D.'s report. Therefore, even if SWIM feels that
chiropractic care is the way to get better, she should avail
herself of all the traditional medical treatments that her PCP
can offer. TOGIC will feel the case is much more serious if
SWIM had to go to 12 physical therapy appointments than if
she went to 12 chiropractic appointments.

However, let SWIM know that while I am a KSG, I am NAFL,
so my suggestions are not intended to be taken as legal

PCP = primary care physician
MMA, BJJ, MT = I hope SWIM knows these by now
TOGSL = the other guy's sleazy lawyer
TOGIC = the other guys' insurance company
KSG = known smart guy
NAFL = not a f**king lawyer

SWIM says, "TAFL". Which I think means thanks a f*ck!ng lot.

SWIM was referred to a particular chiro by one of those lawfirms that specializes in these types of cases and must do a damn good job because they are on TV more than allegations of Michael Jackson molesting kiddies. The chiro referred SWIM to an MRI and then to an ortho. The ortho said surgery not indicated and prescribed Celebrex. SWIm felt nothing from the Celebrex, so they switched SWIM to Vioxx, which seems to work a little bit better (but maybe it should stop working??).

SWIM goes to the chiro 3x/week where she receives adjustments, massage, and PT. SWIM's chiro dropped a bombshell when she told SWIM that she only needs to come in 2x/week and start lifting weights!!! SWIM does not think this helps her case looks like it needs a swift and ample payout from TOGIC! TOGIC sent SWIM to an independent medical examination, which SWIM passed.

BTW, SWIM does not practice MA at this time and certainly isn't mentioning her past NHB experience!!!

As for the incontinence, SWIM was thinking this might be indicative of a spinal cord injury which she thinks could net her a better payout.

What think ye?



Thank SWIM for being yet another dishonest person, and causing EVERYONE elses insurance rates to continue to increase by costing people more money to investigate SWIM's FRAUD or her selfishness in trying to get additional money she is not owed or entitled to, from the rest of us who actually work for a living.

If SWIM manages to collect a bit of money to which she is not
technically entitled, it won't cause everyone else's insurance
rates to rise. Rather, it will nicely offset the money to which I
was technically and honestly entitled when some bastard ran
a stop sign and T-boned my car.

However, said bastard's sleazy lawyer cheated me out of
much of that money, through a combination of stalling,
challenging obvious physical evidence, attacking my
chiropractor, attacking me on the basis of my martial arts
training (which I had to mention because it is linked to my
income), and generally making it so time-consuming and
expensive for me to pursue my case that eventually I had to
settle for much less than my injuries deserved.

(My dream is that I meet the other guy's sleazy lawyer in a
darkened street someday.)

Lawyers are Pigs