Paddy - Bellator/UFC matchmakers lack vision


"these matchmakers..they're just stupid. Bellator and UFC matchmakers only know what's directly in front of them"

North American MMA has followed Japanese MMA into flaming dumpster.

I'm back to watching mainstream sports like a Gentile


Paddy showed up at my gym NG MMA(Next Generation MMA) today.  It's Chris Brennans gym he mentioned from the podcast.


Dude in person seems very different than what I saw in the HL videos.  He seems very humble, no ego but is ALL about fighting, very refreshing.  His charisma in the cage was kind of surprising b/c I met him first without knowing anything and then when I see him smiling and dancing it was entertaining, just surprising but not too surprising.


There's some bad ass dudes at my gym as you can imagine, but this guy is a welcome addition.  All the killers are excited for this week, we've got bad asses from all over the world coming to celebrate our 20th anniversary.