Padron: great cigar

smoking one right now. not as strong as the cubans i smoked last week but has great flavor and at $4.99 a pop you can't go wrong (though wish i had bought the longer one for about $7.50). highly recommended. i might have to get a whole box when i get my humidor.

also bought a dominican monte cristo ($7.50) - the cigar monger said it was very nice and mild. anyone ever have one?

all I need now is a poker game.....

Best mother fucking title EVA!

Montecristos I don't care for. Mild, alot fo construction problems and not-enough flavor.

But the Padron $ 4 $ is the BEST cigar on the planet.

you sir, are very correct. i smoked the MC last night too because i couldn't wait and it was weak in flavor and i had trouble getting a good draw on it. i kept having to recut the end and chomp on it to loosen it up. big thumbs down and overpriced to boot. a solid 5 on my scale (i've only smoked about 5 differnt kinds besides swisher sweets so take my opinions with a mound of salt - but my learning curve is going vertical.)left a not so pleasant taste in my mouth for while too.

as for the Padrons, i'm getting a few more today....probaly 4, one for poker tonight and three for vegas this weekend.....any way to keep them fresh until the weekend? tupaware with a small damp cloth perhaps? i've heard that a zip lock with a small piece of lettuce works to. ever hear of that?

so far my only problem with cigars is that i can't hang on to 'em. i smoke 'em when i got 'em.

you have any info on the the best place to order a box of padrons cheap?