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I think it was you that had a problem with your vehicle/dealership. What was the problem and what was the end result?

I'm having a big problem getting Honda to fix my car. I have paid for the repairs( multiple times) and they can't get it right. They had my car since June, I just got it back and it is unsafe to drive. They are telling me that's how my car drives. Phone Post 3.0

I don't want to link his fb Ttt for a blue in a comp. Phone Post 3.0


I'm so fat Phone Post 3.0

Do you have a Saturday class? I'll be up in Dillon Saturday morning with a jits buddy. Just wondering. Phone Post 3.0

Phuckles - Do you have a Saturday class? I'll be up in Dillon Saturday morning with a jits buddy. Just wondering. Phone Post 3.0
I work from 630am until about 10pm that day, hell day. Bjj is a no go. Phone Post 3.0

Up Phone Post 3.0


He will advise you to junk the Honda and buy a Dodge Dart.


You are looking for the right guy.

Spiked Salted Caramel Apple:


1 gal. apple cider
1 bottle Salted Caramel-flavored vodka (750 ml)
1 L club soda
sliced apples (for garnish)


Combine the apple cider, vodka and club soda in a punch bowl. Top with sliced apples for garnish.
Serve chilled. Phone Post 3.0

Ttt Phone Post 3.0

Goddamn it Phone Post 3.0

I sent him a message about this thread.

Thanks BHR. Long story short. I hit a pot hole. Honda said I had 6k in damage. I called my insurance and they came to check on the car at the dealership. Once the dealer got involved Honda came back and said my car was only going to be $473. The sensor that diagnosis my car was broken when I paid $185 for a professional diagnosis. So they fix the car and find an additional few thousand originally undiscovered in damage. I've been down to the dealership(two hours in each direction, I live in the mountains) a total of 3 times where Honda said my car was ready and it was not. I finally picked up my "fixed" car last night and it is still pulling hard when I drive it. They have had my car since June and can't get it right. To top it off when I picked up my car they lost my keys and couldn't find it for an hour. So I sat in a closed dealership after hours when they promised all I would need to do is come in and switch my rental for my car.

The story is much bigger. I threatened to sue them today. The head guy in charge, one guy under the owner stepped up and said he will take care of this by 5pm tomorrow.

I informed him I have a friend of the family that is a GM of a dealership and I know what to expect and nothing less. Phone Post 3.0

So how are they buying your car back? Phone Post 3.0

You guys can feel free to leave a review for Kuni Honda on Arapahoe in Centennial, Colorado.

Personally, they shit all over me and thought it was ok bc they took care of my rental. Regardless my car still pulls when it drives and they believe my repair is finished. Phone Post 3.0