Paid holidays on weekends?

Since this year christmas and new year's day both fall on the weekend, I have a question.

I know that employers are not obligated to give paid holidays etc, but what if in the policy manual, it states that employees will get a certain number of paid holidays off and some of the holidays fall on the weekend?

I would think that the employer would either have to give an extra day off during the week, or pay the employees for the day of the holiday, which would mean the employee would get paid for 6 days while working only 5.

Also, how does this affect hourly wage employees as opposed to salaried employees?


Most employers would pay you an extra day if you're an hourly employee, but it is not considered overtime. Overtime is only for hours actually worked. If you're a salaried employee, it reallly makes no difference. You get your week's salary whether you work 1 hour or 80. If you do not work at all during a given workweek, then the employer can no pay a salaried employee for the week, but if a salaried employee works any part of the work week, he or she gets paid for the whole week.