pain after running (help)

I'm not sure why this is happening but when I jog/walk/run on the treadmill.. I hit a wall at about 45 mins and have to stop because my tailbone/pelvis is hurting

why might that be happening? The pain lasts a couple of hours and I usually end up taking some advil so that I can get out of my chair.

This doesn't happen after bjj or other workouts, just running. I've been using the treadmill because I have it at home and its convenient..but with the pain.. I'm not so sure anymore.

do you run on the treadmill at an incline:

no, just flat.

what kind of shoes are you wearing:

Running shoes..but I know already that I need to get new ones.

how fast of a pace are you running at:

right now just fast enough to keep my HR between 150-160

how is your gait, heel toe? all heel? on ball of your feet?:

I honestly couldn't tell you.. I haven't paid attention to that.

not being a dick just want to be certain... are you sure its your tailbone? not a lil higher up maybe?:

Its definitely my tailbone.. and more. It goes up and radiates out into the rest of my pelvis.

Is it sore to the touch? or is it further movement that bugs it?:

Not sore to the touch.. just further movement that bugs it.

when the pain flares up does it hurt standing up? just when your moving? or does sitting down cause it pain as well?:

It hurts once I'm standing and trying to walk. It doesn't hurt to sit though.

this is really random but do you have eye pain? or are your eyes abnormally sensitive to light?:

no issues with my eyes other then an astigmatism.

I have fallen on my tailbone and bruised it badly..but that was back when I was 17 or so. Other then that.. knee problems that I've been addressing as of late and lower back problems.

I would prefer an eliptical for sure. I know I can't run on a sidewalk..the treadmill I have at home already so its right there. Easily accesible. (sp?)

thanks for trying!!! :)

The uneveness + the hardness is what hurt me when I was trying to run on the sidewalk and it was my knees at that point..

this thing with my pelvis is newer.. and annoying! lol

At what point does it start hurting?  20 minutes? 30?

Something certainly sounds wrong, but it could be a plain ol' overuse type of thing, maybe.  Cut back and work up your time more slowly.  The key is to stop before you really start to feel it.  If you don't, you're just gonna continue to aggravate it and it will never get better.