pain in calf behind knee????

i twisted my knee sort of in heel hook fashion and now have a pain behind the knee on the outside (lateral??). it is a pain not really in the knee but behind it where it bends. it didn't bruise and only had minor swelling. but it is sore everytime i twist my leg toward the inside. is this a muscle pull (gastrocnemius) or tendon sprain??? it has been hurting for about 3 days and is not getting any better. i have been doing calf stretches and ice. any ideas or advice?

Hard to say, time will tell you

Do not stretch until swelling is gone!Ice it,try to reduce load on that knee,and only after you get rid of the swelling stretch it good.Swelling means inflamation and injury.Keep stretching injured muscles,and you will aggravate it even more

I just had something similar happen to me--it turns out (after an
MRI) that I have a tear in my left meniscus, which may or may not
have set off something called a popliteal cyst--it is fluid built up
behind the knee and can some times run down the calf-it can
cause you to not be able to fully extend your leg. This happened a
week ago and I'm just beginning to feel better--have your doctor
look into this--get an mri if there is no change--