Pain Inc Tourny CA Feb 21

Pain Inc Regional Grappling ChampionshipsSaturday, February 21stMen, Women & Kids. Beginning through Professional levelsComing to Santa Cruz on February 21st, will be the first qualifier for an upcoming national Championship tournament, followed in the next year by a World Championship event. This event promises to be one of the top grappling events in the country, with all the press, celebrity appearances, and of course the after party you would expect.Capitola Community GymnasiumCapitola CARegistration and Weighs-ins @ 9AM (closes @ 10AM) Tournament Starts @ 11AMPre Registration $35 per event, $40 at the door.$5 spectator feeFor more information visit:

$35, now that is what i'm talking about.


gumby is dave fighting?

ill be there.

It's a possibility that Dave will be fighting.

Forgot to mention there will be a $500 Pro Open prize that I don't
have much more details on.

Dave Camarillo will definitely be involved in some capacity and is
open to fight in this, but nothing is set on this front yet.

Is this the "previous commitment" for Dave?

"Is this the "previous commitment" for Dave?"

There was a miscommunication. Dave had always maintained he
was participating in the Pain Inc tournament first (he was
approached by Brian Johnston first) when a trusted third party
relayed that Dave would be at GQ. So he never really withdrew,
because he wasn't in the tournament in the first place. Again, a
simple miscommunication between a few people.

Brian Cimins has an AWESOME fill in the fourth slot of the four
man GQ tournament in Tyrone Glover. I've been hyping him as
one of the big things on the West Coast scene for a long time,
now he'll get to strut his stuff on the East. Don't blink with this