Pain Management training

Pain Management is simply the science of how you analyze, expierience and market the exploration of pain [to yourself].

The benefit of learning to do this is that in the martial systems, pain is a determing factor in efficiency.

If just the 'fear' of pain causes cringing or flinching, then the behavioral response during physical activity will often cause reactive choices forcing defensive body movement rather than tactical cognitive choices & movement.

As far as how far to take it...heres one of our maxims: "Training can and should hurt at times, but should never injure."

If you want to see any of this in action, check out the RAGE ATTACKS video or RANGE ROVER [All our vids include elements of it, but those help define the process.]


I have seen you mention pain management training in a couple of interviews. What is an example of this kind of training and how far should you take it? Thanks!