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 It started out as VALE TUDO

Then evolved into MMA

And now has declined into MME= Mixed Martial ENTERTAINMENT

EliteXC, TUF, UFC PPV's, ect.= MME

The next evolution for MME is going to be increased fixing of fights,  "WWE style storylines" (good guy vs. bad guy), and more "characters" rather than real fighters heading up main events at MME show.

Someone had to say it.

Keep it real, train VALE TUDO.



 ****Yawns****  Next........

 I don't care what they do, as long as the fights are still real

GrChmayday - ufc = mme


 Bring back Rio Heroes!

is TME practiced by the guys who do tradional martial entertainment?

 Hi Pedro

GrChmayday - Archer0545 = UFE fan

 Yes i am, and so are you no matter what you say because everytime there's an event you're on here talking about it.  Zuffa owns your ass and there's nothing you can do about it!  LMAO

Do you actually believe yourself?

Im not the first to think of this, smartass. It's just retards must be reminded of the painfully obvious on a regular basis.

Oh, BTW, thank you.

Dana White= Vince McMahan wanabe
Gary Shaw= Eric Bishoff wanabe

Two halfass puppet-masters who argue who is the better at fucking over real fighters. Both share one thing in common though, they both serve thier Guido masters well.