Paintball champs vs. spec forces?

I have no doubt I'll get insulted for asking this.

But who cares, this is just purely a curiosity thing my friend came up with the other day.

If you feel the need to get pissed off at this question, hey man this is purely a hypothetical thing. It happens I think it wouldn't even be close because of the fact that paint ball guys couldn't possibly having any sniper type skills. But then again I know sweet fuck all about military type stuff or even paintball for that matter. So please calm down and realise this is just a fun question not meant to get anybody's ass hairs up.

Ok so having said all that here is the question. Say a team of paint ball champs were in a real (real guns, but no explosives, mortors etc allowed,) urban or jungle combat against a group of Special Forces guys.

Whatever a typical military combat situation might be, say a hostage situation, or where one group has to defend certain areas or buildings against the other group.

So who wins, is it even close?

Oh ya and the paint ball guys wouldn't just be taken right off the paint ball field and given guns with no practice. They would be given time to transfer their paintball skills and techniques to real firearms (i.e practice to become accurate with a real firearm).

Basically any type of fire arms would be allowed, just no explosives etc as obviously that would be exclusively something the special forces guys would have skills with that paint ball guys wouldn't.

Again cut me a brake when answering, I know nothing about military stuff and I admit that, this is just a fun hypothetical question posed to me the other day. I'd have put this on the OG but I'd like to go right to the source and ask military guys directly.

From what you gave, here's my .02

The paint ball champ team obviously works very well together. To get to that top level in paintball they all have to have high levels of coordination and extremely fast reaction times, and some combat sense, so I see them picking up good shooting and target aquisition skills. They would probably kick ass in all the training scenarios given to them with little practice.

But, I see them failing miserably.

The special forces group has combat experience, at least a few of them on a team will. There will be trust for their leaders under combat stess.

The paintball team will self implode. Even if one member surprisingly keeps his cool, and the others have enough sense to follow his lead, he'll still be in a situation that can't remotely compare to any he's ever been in before.

$5 on paintball team dead before they know it:)

I'm positive that there is more to it than just "cajones". Special forces guys train everyday using the best techniques. The skills and conditioning of special forces guys would be far beyond some champ paintballer.

Paintball champs are a bunch of civi's running around with toys shooting at other civi's with toys.

The Special Forces guys are probably all completely prepared, mentally and psychologically, to kill a human being. The paintballers might hesitate. That .5 second is what lets Special Forces, and even to some extent SWAT teams, dominate the opposition. Training and drilling.

The paintballers will also have many bad habits picked up from the limitations of their weapons, such as taking cover behind things that won't stop a bullet, and not taking threats seriosly enough prior to contact.

I will give a slight edge to the paintballers in a complete willingness to take crazy risks maneuvering, though. They might actually surprise the team a little by doing things so incredibly stupid that the SF team would be surprised, since they wouldn't have the same ingrained fear of getting hit that the SF guys would. Or they would freeze when they realized it was real. Who knows.

In my opinion just regular infantry would destroy the paintball champs.


LoL He's literally talking about nuts.

The paintballers would shit their paints as soon as the first rounds started flying. On top of that I haveI serious doubts that they would be able to push on after one of them gets killed or wounded.

My money would be on the infantry guys.

They train more for this type of stuff.

I always thought a couple squads of reg. inf.

would almost run over a S.F. team in the open.

They train for 2 different things.

S.F. use the element of suprise. They train others,

and teach. (yes there are teams of shooters out there

I know, I'm talking everyday S.F. and their job.)

Infantry on the other hand trains more for head on

conflict in the open.

They are more built for run and gun, not sneek and


I agree with the hiding behind concealment, not cover

thing for the paintballers. I also agree that the

paint boys wouldn't be ready mentally.

It wouldn't be when the first "real" bullet went by.

It would be when their buddies guts and brains were

all over the ground next to them, they would break.

Granted if they had some range time it would help.

But S.F. trains 10 hour days in the kill houses etc.

The volume alone would be crazy loud. Paintballers

aren't used to relaoding as much, with their ball

reservoirs and electronic ball counters.

When they started cutting everything in half with the

SAW's I would think it would almost be comical.

On the other hand, I've seen a group of teenie

boppers run over our county swat team in paintball


Then at the KOP I watched a small police dept. try to

defend an old tire factory all dug in (paintball),

against a SEAL team that had to come through only one


The SEALs killed the whole dept. and not one SEAL was


I guess my question is how do the skills of the paintball guys match up against Delta/Seal/Ranger type guys?

Lets put the fear thing aside. (although I have no doubt what your saying is true and paintball guys would shit the first time they saw some brains splattered)

Lets say (even though it physically impossible) that there was such a thing as a paintball gun that had the exact same range as a firearm and was exactly like a firearm (automatic fire etc) except it didn't kill when it hit someone. So it was like a firefight without the fear of dying.

I know I'm stretching here but I trying to get to the question of how skills of paintball match up against Military skills, without fear being the reason given why paintball guys would do poorly (again although I have no doubt that's true, and that being battle hardened would be EXTREMELY IMPORTANT).

Lets also say conditioning is not a factor (lets say these particular paintballers are in great shape).

Remembering that I'm someone who knows ZERO, I can't see why the paintballer wouldn't be able to do OK in close in house to house type fighting, but anything where snipers are involved they would have no chance.

Any comments. Essentially what I'm asking is how would the paintballers skills match up specifically in close in house to house type fighting?

Police (even SWAT) cannot compare to Special Forces or regular infantry.

"Police (even SWAT) cannot compare to Special Forces or regular infantry."

Did you ever catch combat missions? The cops had trouble physically hanging with the military guys, but even so they ended up cleaning house.

What is combat missions? Is it some game show?

"What is combat missions? Is it some game show?"

It was a reality TV show that had military spec ops guys and cops. They split them up into teams and they competited against each other. A cop ended up winning the whole thing. It was a pretty decent show.

I heard Scott was killed in Iraq? If not...that's great!!!

Information = funny shit

There is something close to what your talking about Willi

It's called simunition, wax bullets. They travel close the same speed.

You have to wear special gear for protection etc.

The way this is's turning into a "what if" session that could go on forever.

The psychological effects in combat can't be ignored.

I agree with Daredevils last post, infil and exfil make a big difference.

If it was just an experiment,(starting on opposite ends of the field) I would like to see
some 3rd Ranger Bat guys vs. Marine Force Recon.

Willi you've taken out all the advantages of being mentally prepared for combat with your new scenario. SF guys are SF guys because they're a different breed, mentally. They'd catch one of your paintballers and skin him before hanging him up in the woods for psychological effect, or do something like information said, pay off and train 5000 local gurrilas to hunt down the 12 paintballers, funny, but true.

What you want to compare now is coordination, reaction times and teamwork in a forgiving enviroment. It could go either way with no live ammo being used imo.

I was just regular infantry, and i assure you if you allow me to pick a team of 12 guys, just from my company of 200 or so, we'd smoke the paintballers if bullets were used. It would be a slaughter for them to go up against SF teams.

A friend of mine used to be big into paintball playing with the top line shit all sponsered guns, paint, and gear. They would play indoor in a place in Baton Rouge and on night a few off duty swat guys were there and wanted to go heads up. Something like 6 on 6 or whatever indoors and the swat guys used their CQC tactics and even used a few flash bangs. My friend and his buddies just stood back and hammered on them. Probably shooting a large portion of a case of paint. It was over quick not a single swat guy hit my frind or his buddies. Total time was under 10 minutes.

FiatLux: The SWAT team used flash bang grenades in a paintball game??

Are you sure your friend is telling the truth?