Paintball DVD Filming...

We are going to film a scenario paintball DVD in central Ca (Paso
Robles) in about two weeks. We are looking for scenario players who
want to be in the game. There will be structured games (VIP Protection,
Capture The Flag, Demolitions, Terminator etc.).

There will be discounts on the entry fee ($10.00 normally $15.00) and
free Co2 and air all day.

Lunch will be provided.

You can buy paint at the field or bring your own There may be some
paint given away as we have several big name paintball companies
sponsoring the event. Sponsors as of today are: Tippmann, PMI/PCS,, Breakout Paintball Supply and Special Ops Paintball.

18+ preferred but under 18 OK. Nobody under 14.

To sign up go to and on the main
page there is a link to the sign up for and release form.

After you sign up we will eamil you the date and time. We have April
first penciled in right now. If the weather looks good that's what were
planning on.