Do any of you play paintball. I just played again
today for the first time in about 10 years. It has
evolved a bit and is even more fun now. I'm 64 and
took my 10 year old grandson, it was a sport that we
both enjoyed. Actually I think he was better at it
than I was. having someone actually shooting back at
you is a lot more realistic in a lot of ways than a
trip to the range.


I play every once in a while. There's a lot that doesn't translate directly into firearms skills. But it's an awful lot of fun, and there's a definite psychological benefit to dealing with actual (even if not very dangerous) return fire -- movement between, and use of, cover is no longer an abstract!

It's great fun and is very viscereal... But as someone mentioned: It's not super realistic for firearms training.

The guns are just too short range, they can be used at about 70-100 yards, but there is no accuracy at that point so all fighting is down close up and personal.

However, for indoor play, it's completely insane.

You can use a thick bush for cover in paintball. Unfortunately you can't do the same with real bullets.

Stevekt: Well, you can 'kinda' use thick brush... Some of them can still get through.

Kai, unless it can stop a rifle round you cannot use it for cover. You can use it for concealment though.

SteveKT: I was talking about how paintballs can still whack through heavy brush.