Pair of cute 18 yr old twins executed side by side Brazil. NO VID

Wouldn’t post/watch the vid even if I had it… the story is bad enough. Life is worth more than this. Horrible.

Life is cheap in the favela


They got off easy. Some of my favorite Gore sites are no more, but the Brazilian flip flop mafia can be brutal. Those girls easily could have been hacked to pieces by machete or flayed alive

18 and a 3-year-old child?


Brazil is America in 50 years.


Don’t live in hyperboland.


In poorer countries, women don’t go to get a worthless college degree, go clubbing and bang 100s of guys, only to want to “finally settle down” and start a family at 35. It’s quite typical to have kids early.

All these asshole drug gangs POS should die.

Did you guys see one of the main killers of Pablo Escobar doing interviews and Youtube videos? He spent 23 years in jail for committing over 250 direct murders, taken part in over 3,000 others. He will casually mention how he tortured a lot of them too. He skinned some alive using boiling water, among many other things. Pretending to be reformed while having zero empathy still to this day. Even obvious pride in it too.


You’re wrong. It’s not because 15 year old want to settle down and have kids moron. I live in South America. The reason is because they’re dirt poor, uneducated is an understatement, they receive ZERO sex education from school or parents, Absolutely ZERO. Now throw in the Catholic church and not being able to get a abortion. Nobody wants to have kids that young. But it’s a sex culture and machismo leads to a lot of young girls getting pregnant with their first experiences. How could you possibly think a 15 year old wants to get pregnant. Get a life



Dude, we’ll be South Africa in five, after that is historically uncharted.


Ha shut your pouty mouth, you moron. I never pretended these gals WANT kids that young. Just that it’s super common. And you mention some of the reasons why.

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Surprised you posted this. It’s the world you are rushing toward.


Don’t crawfish. You said nothing of the sorts.

The dudes name is Popeye. He died fairly recently

plenty of 15-16yo american girls having kids too

I wouldn’t call those girls cute. I would say slightly above average in a third world way.

Both of you guys are pointing out half the problem which creates a whole. It’s not one or the other, but both options. The main issue is poverty and a culture that keeps people poor.


Look at detroit Chicago and Baltimore

Im going to guess they weren’t so innocent in all this as “knowing too much”.

Smallest amount in our history actually