Paizo releases 3P D&D playtest!

Paizo, who has made the Dragon & Dungeon magazine before having the rug pulled out from under them by the folks from Wizards of the Cost (the current owners of the D&D franchise, owned by fucking Hasbro since last year) has decided to create The Pathfinder setting and corebooks for it.

This is basically a new version of D&D...similar to 3.5 but fixing some of the crap that made it troublesome...but not molesting it like an abused stepchild like 4th Ed is doing.

I am currently running some of Pathfinders stuff and I can say this about them at least...they are currently the best adventure-maker in the business.  The adventure paths they put out like the first Pathfinder series (just recently) the Age of Worms, and the Savage Tides adventure paths are simply the best stuff I've seen written in years.  This pretty much makes up my mind on the game I will be running in the near-future.  Its currently in the process of being made.

Seriously, those three along with some of their shorter stuff bring me back to the days when modules actually rivaled home-brew material for D&D.

LINK TO THE PATHFINDER ALPHA  if you sign in you can get a free 64 page preview of the product.  Just click the link in the first paragraph that says to go to it.

Paizo has my cash in their bank... no question.

Oh, and this is basically because WotC is trying to bind up 3rd party material...basically they want the players of third party materials so they are making a Limited Gaming Licence for them (which allows much more control over what they can produce unlike the OGL-Open Gaming Licence that 3rd if they become too successful they can get the boot).

They told the 3rd party publishers like Paizo and Necromancer Games that they would have this ready by January, along with a preview of the game for a cost of 5 grand to preview.  None of that has happened...they are basically trying to string them along.

So Paizo put out this...under the old OGL. 

I'm excited about it, also because of the way they are doing the alpha testing and giving their customers a solid amount of input on the system.

I really like it because it seems to add many of the concepts that 4th is doing that I like, just in a different way (beefing up the core classes that are weak, changing some of the overly-cumbersome combat maneuvers to a more sensible format, changing the skills into something more workable and scalable) but doesn't gut the classic material like a dead fish and then fuck it's corpse in the skull.

Sweet! 10,000 downloads of the PDF and 22,000 posts on the new board in under 9 days!  There may offically be a new big game-producer on the market along with WotC and WW.



10,000 Gamers Download Pathfinder RPG in One Week

Kicks off largest open playtest in RPG history.

March 26, 2008—Paizo Publishing today revealed that more than 10,000 gamers have downloaded the Pathfinder RPG Alpha release 1 since its announcement one week ago. The free PDF is available now at

"The huge number of downloads has exceeded our expectations, as has the outpouring of support from gamers around the world," said Paizo Publisher Erik Mona. "Our open playtest forums have exploded with thoughtful commentary on the Alpha release, and I look forward to a long and productive playtest effort going forward."

Playtester feedback has already resulted in development changes to the initial Pathfinder RPG Alpha release 1. The changes have been integrated into to a new release 1.1 of the Alpha PDF, and are summarized in the first of a series of Development Notes downloads from Paizo Lead Designer Jason Bulmahn. The Development Notes can be downloaded here (308KB zip PDF).

The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game is a tabletop fantasy roleplaying game that will serve as the anchor for Paizo's popular line of Pathfinder adventures, sourcebooks, and campaigns. Last week marked the beginning of a year-long open playtest of the new rules, which are based on the popular 3.5 rules available under the Open Game License. The Pathfinder RPG is designed with backward compatibility as one of its primary goals, so players will continue to enjoy their lifelong fantasy gaming hobby without invalidating their entire game library.

Paizo intends to release multiple Pathfinder RPG Alpha downloads to flesh out the system with additional classes, spells, magic items, and additional refinements of the core 3.5 system between now and early summer. Playtester feedback on the Pathfinder RPG messageboards will guide the direction of the Pathfinder RPG Beta to be released at Gen Con this August. The Beta release will take all of the Alpha playtest feedback to create a 320+ page, soft-cover, full-color book, available in print for $24.99 on or at your local game store and as a free downloadable PDF on The Beta will serve as the primary playtest document for the Pathfinder RPG until summer 2009 when the rules will be finalized and released as a hardcover rulebook.

Additional information on the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game can be found at

If it's anything like Age of Worms or Savage Tide, then it is very, very good.

 I am currently setting up the pathfinder game for MAPTOOLS

To be honest it blows them out of the water...both the fluff and the crunch are superb.

A sample of one of the first things in The Pathfinder...Facts about the Sandpoint goblin tribes with some excellent artwork in the book.

Ten Fun Facts
About Goblins

1: Horse Hate: Goblins excel at riding animals, but they don’t
quite get horses. In fact, their hatred of all things horse is
matched only by their fear of horses, who tend to step on
goblins who get too close.

2: Dog Hate:
Although goblins raise horrible rat-faced creatures
called (creatively enough) goblin dogs to use as mounts
(and ride wolves or worgs if they can get them—goblins are
quick to explain that wolves are NOT dogs), their hatred of
plain old dogs nearly matches their hatred of horses. The
feeling is mutual. If your dog’s barking at the woodpile for
no reason, chances are he smells a frightened goblin hiding
in there somewhere.

3: Goblins Raid Junkyards:
Garbage pits, gutters, sewers… anywhere
there’s garbage, you can bet goblins are nearby. Goblins
are weirdly adept at crafting weapons and armor from refuse,
and are fond of killing people with what they throw away.

4: Goblins Love to Sing:
Unfortunately, as catchy as their lyrics
can be, goblin songs tend to be a bit too creepy and disturbing
to catch on in polite society.

5: They’re Sneaky:
An excited or angry goblin is a noisy, chattering,
toothy menace, but even then, he can drop into an
unsettling silence in a heartbeat. This, matched with their
diminutive size, makes them unnervingly adept at hiding in
places you’d never expect: stacks of firewood, rain barrels,
under logs, under chicken coops, in ovens…

6: They’re A Little Crazy:
The fact that goblins
think of things like ovens as good hiding places
reveals much about their inability to think plans
through to the most likely outcome. That, and
they tend to be easily distracted, particularly
by shiny things and animals smaller than them
that might make good eating.

7: They’re Voracious:
Given enough supplies, a goblin generally
takes nearly a dozen meals a day. Most goblin tribes
don’t have enough supplies to accommodate such ravenous
appetites, which is why the little menaces are so prone to
going on raids.

8: They Like Fire: Burning things is one of the great goblin pastimes,
although they’re generally pretty careful about lighting
fires in their own lairs, especially since goblins tend to live in
large tangled thistle patches and sleep in beds of dried leaves
and grass. But give a goblin a torch and someone else’s home
and you’ve got trouble.

9: They Get Stuck Easily:
Goblins have wiry frames but wide
heads. They live in cramped warrens. Sometimes too cramped.

10: Goblins Believe Writing Steals Your Soul:
The walls of
goblin lairs and the ruins of towns goblins have raided are littered
with pictures of their exploits. They never use writing,
though. That’s not lucky. Writing steals words out of your
head. You can’t get them back.


CavemanDave - 

 I am currently setting up the pathfinder game for MAPTOOLS

when man i just downloaded the alpha playtest book and really would love to play!

 do you ahve any people already lined up to play?


if you dont mind me getting in on it if we can work out a time and all what kind of setting are you planning on playing? wilderness, dungeon crawl, city scape, mix of everything?


basic character creation 4d6 drop lowest?? 

 Already have a set gamegroup but if it goes well on MAPTOOLS I'm switching it over to 3P (3rd Edition Paizo) and running it with folks who want to play here...but we just hashed out charaters so it will be a while.

I will be running a Paizo adventure for online.  It's easier to set up for the first couple of times than try to flip a homebrew on since maps and whatnot are already made out and all I have to do is copy and paste them...the rest I can wing or have made up small bits for them.

It takes me about 3-5 weeks of fair freetime with practice, work, and wife to find the time to convert 1 adventure to MAPTOOLS (about 3-4 character pretty long).  I just got done with the first

For those of you who don't know and maybe have more free time and some experience DMing, go to  to download MAPTOOLS and give it a look. 


If somebody wants to run one of the dungeoncrawl classics I'm down for that as well.