Pajama pants

What's the most interesting thing you've seen people wearing at tournaments? I've seen big fuzzy slippers, wacky hats, etc...

Thin shirt with no bra was pretty interesting!

Ben R.

ben, id agree with that.. inna heartbeat.

once upon a time i was known to wear my furry bullwinkle slippers at tournaments and on airplanes. i wasnt a kid either, i did that until just about a year ago when they finally got so bad the stench wasnt tolerable to anybody withint 100 feet of me.

there's evena pic of me taking a nap on the tatmi at a tournament with them suckers on.. that towel still goes with me everywhere though.. it's my tournament "bankie". ive been looking for a replacement pair of slippers some time now.. no luck in finding a size 10.


I saw an old guy named Paul Jordan where some Skull Pajama
Pants at the Great Lakes Open Championships this year, i think
they were made in like 1981 or 82 or something like that.


bullwinkle slippers

"no luck in finding a size 10"

Josh I'll look around. I'll let you know if I come across a pair.

Sorry Josh :^)

jay, i cant possibly thank you enough for that.. i miss those slippers.. imma go look for them again today. but, ill keep this in mind.. =)

Fam, if ya find them let me know.. if ive got to get them mail order ill do what is necessary. =)

man, those are some awesome pants! that guy has true courage..

my old coach use to wear these rainbow pants (before the 'rainbow coalition' was known) with soemthing on them that looked like squashed ants to tournaments all the time.. he said it was becuase he'd be easy to find for us that way-- we'd just have to look for the old fella who waddles like a duck and dresses like a .. well, nevermind. =)

those were great times though. lol.



Nice pants, flex!


I have a feeling that you'll be getting a new pair of slippers sometime....

somebody needs to tell judojordan that he has a classic picture on the thread!