Pakua and ROSS

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As well as ROSS, I am interested in learning about Pa kua. I've got the two pa kua books by Sifu Park Bok-Nam as well as the two companion videos. Pa kua is a difficult art to learn without an instructor present. So I was thinking to make it easier, I'll use ROSS to help me learn Pa kua. Has anyone used ROSS to help them learn Pa kua? Is there any conflict? How will ROSS help me learn Pa kua better? The Pa kua of Lu Shui-Tian focuses on internal development and natural principles. At the same time, it requires a lot of coordination and joint mobility. The website is


Wow. I never thought I'd see a post like this.

Crow, I am also a PK guy 'from when dinosaurs roamed the earth'! Ironically enough, Lu-Shui Tien and Park's Ba Gua. I trained with some of his reps in northern Mass. and have been to a few seminars.

IMO, their Ba Gua is among the best I've seen, with a more practical, feet on the ground approach. However, everything that you will find in Ba Gua, you will find and a BOATLOAD more, or is that 'less' ;-) in ROSS.

Footwork, striking, throwing, health, groundwork, knives, staff, natural principles, etc. It's all 'in there'. I have virtually dropped everything 'Ba Gua', because ROSS really gets to the fundamentals about movement. The only thing is the circle walking concept. I chain some of the ROSS biomechanical excercises (Joint Articulation/Figure 8's) as I'm walking a circle.

You will be amazed at how much 'Ba Gua' is in ROSS. Lu Shui-Tien's Ba Gua was about 'shapes' and you will see ALL of them in ROSS and a TON more.

As for conflict. No way. You can do both if you wish, without confusion.

And no. Scott ISN'T paying me to say this! ;-p



Hello there. My name is David Lepp, I'm in the Instructor Development Program here at AARMACS.

Before discovering the ROSS training system and it's friendly tribe, I'd primarily trained Chinese marrial arts. Namely, Taijiquan (Tai-Chi) and Baguazhang (Pa-Kua). In fact, 3 1/2 years of my martial art sutdies were spent living in Beijing, China, specifically studying Bagua.

Bagua, like other arts, has tremendous openings for attribute development, skill aquisition, and martial application. This is all deeply rooted within the beauty & complexities of Chinese culture & history.

Through my participation and training in the ROSS training system, my perspective and understanding of BaguaZhang and the nature of Chinese martial art has been largely expanded. However, I would not endorse "using" one system's, nor one culture's methodologies to LEARN another's. For that is exactly what makes them unique. That is not meant to say that one's involvement in both arts will not be beneficial to your practice of the other. Follow?

If you have any more 'specific' questions about either ROSS or Bagua, feel free to e-mail me at:

Be well, train smart, & stay aware,


If I can throw in...

ROSS has given me a new "lense" to look at my xingyi and I've found all sorts of things that I'd been missing, and then in retrospect, noticed were always there. The "secret because they are too obvious" situation.

Besides, if you already do one of the internal arts with someone who knows what they are doing, it shows you're a geek. And ROSS seems to fit in that catagory nicely...

happy in geek-land