Paladin Leveling Spec

Been chipping away on the pally here and there and I'm at 39 right now having put all my talent points in Ret. Was reading that Reckoning is the shit for leveling and is better than SoC which I've been using so far fine with no problems. 1 more point I get repentance, so is it worth respec to get reckoning or are those people full of shit and just stay Ret?

Doesn't matter a ton I guess at this point. Took my druid to farm strath DE'd some stuff into shards and got a couple of orbs. Enchanting +15 str on some plate gloves and +12 on some plate bracers bought a new sword and put crusader on it, sent back to pally. Decent damage now.

Ding 40, plate and mount woot. Enchanting rules, gear dependence sucks. sorry about the screen shot in windowed mode, but...

Yup sure as shit, level 45 you can get reckoning and SoC. I'll respec in a few levels I guess depending on how useful I find repentance. Thanks

repentence is great. extra stun for more SoC damage

can also be used to pull mobs, which as you know by now pallys arent real good at..ha

also great for stunning people on mounts before you beat them down

sorry i meant you get extra dmg on a SoC judgment, with the stun, like you do with Hammer of justice. so you only get extra if you use repentence to stun, then judge...

ah...though it did give you the bonus..

guess not....then its about half as usefull..haha

yeah reckoning looks badass

"You don't get extra SoC damage from it, and it's a pvp only ability really."

Pretty sure being incapacitated is the same as being stunned for the SoC extra damage.

Ret is the best for levelling that I've seen, Prot will be pretty good after 45 or so with more DPS damage. Pallys are only a secondary tank at the best of times though, much better healers.

I haven't tried Reckoning much, However, seeing that clip of a 70 prot pally beat the entire 1st stage SM by pulling them all into one massive group and slaughtering them. It's crazy.

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I was 2 handed reckoning before tbc was good. 2 Handed reckoning is a waste of time. You have 4 extra attacks within 8 secs, so a weapon of 2.0 speed would take advantage of it better than a slow two hander. SoR + Reckoning + 2.0 or less speed 1 Hander with spell damage = most damage.

Aoe grinding is fun...unless horde spot you and kill your ass when you have 6 mobs on you.

Aoe grinding is fun...unless horde spot you and kill your ass when you have 6 mobs on you.

I was working on a couple of yetis going to kill frostmaw when some dumb hunter sniped at me while I wa fighting. I bubbled and bandaged and the mobs starting chasing him. He must of multishot or something. Anyway mounted, caught up to him and finished him off. pursuit of justice ftw.

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I tried out holy spec and honestly I love it. Holy shock is very nice and underrated imo. with divine favor I can do decent dmg with that or use it for a crit heal. healing instances is great with this build, insane with divine favor I get all my mana cost of the heal back because it crits and I have full illumination. imp blessing of wisdom rocks I leave it on all the time and basically with my solo questing gear yeah it's maybe a 5-6 sec longer fight but so what if I can heal instances on demand it's all about gear swapping. I'm probably gonna stay holy, I have had no problems with it. It's an amazingly cool class if you play it right. low on health I can sword and board with a fast melee weapon judge seal of light and fight with seal of crusader on, for mana regen do the same thing with seal of wisdom, I never go oom or die questing. hell ever gankers have to waste time with me between full spirit focus + concentration aura to heal, bubble bandage (yeah I have 300 first aid already), and lay on hands I'm too much trouble to gank. Pretty cool shit

Good post!

I'm 65 now, and just got Seal of Vengeance.. Have you been working that? It's amazing... I got 44 Holy/11 Ret.

Seal of command, judge, then seal of vengeance, get your 5 DOTS for 250damage a second, then, HoJ, switch to seal of command, judge, and they'll be down to 20%, when you can use your hammer! It's gold.

I got 6100 mana, and can heal forever, spam heaing instances, switch to two hand and solo. I can understand now why Pally's are so powerful late in the game. I even kill Mages my own level now, where they used to eat me alive.

I don't have seal of vengeance yet because I'm ~20 levels too low to train it still.

Wait till 70 when mages imp counterspell you and two shot you.

meh, i'm used to WoW in that aspect. Grinding out rank 10 on a warrior wasn't exactly easy-mode because there's a lot of classes that can take you 1v1 - but still a great class with support. Druid has it's strengths against melee classes but locks are brutal. Shaman was great for me against warriors, priests, mages, but sucked against locks and rogues.

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