Paladin Leveling Spec

sean: I found levelling Pallys between 41-51 extremely boring.. In fact, it doesn't get good again until the top end talents at around 55 or so... Hang in though, because once you've got good gear you'll sing.

Rogues seem to be the only class who can kick magic users asses properly, which is I guess good for them, because I molest them wearing plate.

Mages are awesome, my highest alt at 35 is one, and I can't wait to play him... The problem with taking one on for a pally, is I've got no way to stop them moving.. No repentance in Holy tree and they can just blink out of stuns which pisses me off no end, you gotta be so ready with cleanses and constantly using bless of freedom to move properly.

"pulsar you would love my life"

I do believe your happy, suffice to say, I also lead an exceedingly low stress lifestyle. You would love my EVO9 on expansive outback Australian roads for instance..