Palaszewski vs Kolo----Superbrawl

Could someone give me a description of this fight. I know Bart loss the fight and Kolo spent most of the fight working the GnP.

Kolo was my last fight and I might have a fight coming up in March in XFO. So any description of this fight would be appreciated. Thanks... Joe Jordan

Hey guys, could you help me keep this up at the top. Thanks ...Joe Jordan





this is from sherdog's archives. not much help:

Third in the tournament bracket was Bart Palaszewski of Team Curran (I swear I think that guy fights here just to torment me in making me type his name over and over again…maybe not) against local standout Kolo Koka from Grappling Unlimited. Kolo said that this night of fights would be his last, win or lose. The way he was fighting, though, many local fans were wishing that he would reconsider. He banged early and often against Bart, scoring several knock-downs and huge hits. He also got the takedown on multiple occasions, and showed his skills on the ground.

Bart was game, though, and forced the fight to go to a decision, which Kolo won unanimously. Unfortunately, he tore his ACL in the process, which allowed Mike Aina to take his spot in the tournament semi-finals. (Since Aina’s fight ended in a split decision, he was able to move on instead of Bart.)