Palestinians fed up with HAMAS

Across the Palestinian territories, there are signs of a growing disaffection with Hamas that was unthinkable seven months ago, when Hamas sailed into power.

Nearly 5,000 Palestinian police, demanding their overdue salaries, marched through the streets of Gaza City on Tuesday, firing into the air, throwing rocks at the Parliament building, and shutting down the center of the city. The protest was the most intense outburst of anger at the Hamas government since the government workers' strikes began last week.

An estimated 40,000 teachers are on strike because they haven't been paid for months. The price of flour has soared nearly 50 percent. Economic activity is nearing a standstill in both Gaza and the West Bank, where many shops remain shuttered and men and schoolchildren alike mill about idly in the midday heat.

Hamas deceived the people during the election," said Anan Afteereh Gadri , a member of the government employees union.People voted for economic opportunity. The change has been for the worse."

finally wising up....its a fucking miracle

Attjack, Hubris, Angrydick....anybody??

Yeah, but it doesn't sound like the people are fed up with Hamas, as much as it is them being angry because they aren't getting paid. Unfortunately, this is about economics, rather than politics. Once the police and teachers get their paychecs, they will probably go back to supporting Hamas.

"People voted for economic opportunity."

Sounds like the politics was about economics too though.

Well, we all know what Marx would say about your post, SirPrize...

This was bound to happen - once Hamas got into power, they either had to shape up and start acting responsibly...or they'd fuck up and people would start realizing that people who can conduct a terrorist campaign do not necessarily have the skill sets to be productive managers.