Palhares leaves BTT

Just saw on the Gracie mag Fb page. Anyone got any news as to why? Phone Post Phone Post

States personal issues? Phone Post


Wishing Toko the best! Be interesting to see who will coach him now... Phone Post

Hope he finds a good mentor. Seems like the kind of guy that could go off the rails very easily.

I'm sad to see him leave BTT. Murilo was a mentor to him. I am sure it was not an easy decision. Wish Toko the best. Phone Post

Well, they can't exactly call him a creonte, can they? Phone Post

He should hook up with terere Phone Post

Where is he going? Phone Post

Nova Uniao would be cool for him. I don't know if they have guys his size though...

Is Bustamante still there? Phone Post

"A team of traitors will eventually turn on each other" -Carlson Gracie senior

Fuck you ^ Phone Post

nogidavid -

bustamante IS BTT, so i would assume so...

Just someone who I train with mentioned he'd heard Bustamante had left. Didn't mention a source though. Phone Post

Cawsie77, Murilo Bustamante is BTT. He owns BTT, so no, unless he sells BTT.... Phone Post

"Fuck you ^"

Was he wrong?

TV - Cawsie77, Murilo Bustamante is BTT. He owns BTT, so no, unless he sells BTT.... Phone Post

That's what I said. But the lad was insistent? Maybe he's read something wrong somewhere. Phone Post

Nobody turned on anyone, you dont know the teams business and dont know the story behind his departure. He wasnt kicked or left on bad terms.

As far as the original comment, it baffels me that AMERICANS who train under the Carlson banner insist on throwing mud at BTT for something that happened 14 years ago, and that had nothing to do with them, and in all probability didn't train jiu jitsu at the time, let alone under Carlson himself. He is held in the highest regard at BTT. He is the Grand Master and is respected as such. My coach trained at his school his whole life. Phone Post

Furthermore if anyone is in town for tournaments feel free to drop by and voice your opinion on the subject. Phone Post