Palhares technique- results

Note- Please no discussion of the foul in this thread. There are like eight other threads for that.

Besides there fights with Palhares the following four fighters have never lost by submission in a combined 30 UFC fights.

Pierce- Never submitted in 12 UFC fights.
Drwel- Never submitted in 6 UFC fights.
Branch- Never submitted in 9 UFC fights.
Linhares- Submitted once in 27 fights.

Massenzio also fell victim to the heel hook.

Earning a a fight the UFC is an accomplishment.
One win in the UFC is a nice accomplishment.
Five wins in the UFC is a major accomplishment.
Five finishes is an even bigger accomplishment.
Six submissions is even more rare.
Five finishes with the same submission technique in the UFC is almost unheard of in 20 years of UFC history.
Five heel hooks in the UFC is insane.

I find it more amazing that guys like pierce would of spent have his bjj training in his camp defending against the leg attacks and Paul Harris' technique is that good that he still got him with it even though he knew it was coming.. Phone Post 3.0

Shows how good Belchers submission defense is Phone Post 3.0


I guess he tops Imanari as the leg lock grandmaster? Aoki got both Kawajiri and Alvarez though with em.

Dan miller sure knew how to avoid them Phone Post 3.0

Wasa-B - I guess he tops Imanari as the leg lock grandmaster? Aoki got both Kawajiri and Alvarez though with em.
Ashikan roku-dan at besr Phone Post 3.0

Belcher's leglock defense Web-seminar was very good. Phone Post

Palhares wrecks Motto's leg:

BJ Penn Forever - Palhares wrecks Motto's leg:

Moura meets the same fate:

Palhares Heel Hooks from Hell video:

He is a top blackbelt -for sure. Leg Control is amazing.
He is dominant with his Jiu Jitsu. (Regardless of people complianing he is nutso). The guys technique is very very solid.

Palhares wrecks Nascimeno's leg:

I love watching the guy fight and grapple Phone Post 3.0

Palhares wrecks Negao's leg.

Palhares heel hooks Daniel Acacio

Palhares heel hooks Avellan then tried to hug it out at ADCC.

Moura, Acacio,Negao,Nascimeno are all sick heel hooks. Gotta watch if you have not seen his none UFC heel hooks.

Takes his time releasing a couple of those too. Couple legs get wrecked.

Here is a link to another thread about the choke he held to long on Helio Dipp.