Palhares VS. Belcher How Does This End?

Does Palhares tear Alan's ACL or does The Talent K.O. Palhares?

Belcher Via GNP after rolling with PH 1st round


Goin with Belcher.. Would be amazing if palhares can do it yet again tho Phone Post

Palhares takes one look at that tattoo and realises he doesn't want to touch a man who is crazy enough to knowingly have that on his body permanently. Phone Post

 Via most of the audience cringing and FOX being not to happy with having a leg torn off on live TV

Idk but Palhares will unquestionably go full retard at some point.

10 months of rehab for Belcher.

Belcher proposes a logical paradox, Palhares' windows 98 software in his head malfunctions and subsequently explodes. The "Talent" wins through the most intelligent game plan ever..

is this guy human? Alan Belcher that is

May Johnny Cash be with Alan Belcher in this fight.


Belcher is getting ktfo

Rip!!! Tear!!! Phone Post

Awesomely. I love watching both guys way this is boring. Phone Post

Is Joe coaching Alan?


Alan BELCHER Motherfuckers WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bullshit! Phone Post

fffuckin amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With zero defense off his back apparently Phone Post