Palhares vs Pierce Video

judges for yourselves.

1 sec after makes stop.

Ufc is plain wrong to even deny sotn to palhares.

I thought he'd definitely been guilty of worse. Phone Post 3.0

He should have let go when Pierce was frantically tapping his leg. That means he won. A knee can be shredded twice in 1.08 seconds fool.

Wow that vid right there doesn't help the whiners...about a sec or 2 is expected Phone Post 3.0

Honestly I think it has more to do with what he does in that amount of time. He isn't just holding a lock. He is trying to do maximum damage with the lock, ref be damned. Would be like if every choke in the UFC the fighter didn't let go until their opponent is unconscious as ref is trying to pull them off. He is going from a slight heel hook to completely twisting the foot/leg 180 degrees multiple seconds after the tap and the ref has stopped the fight... and he does it repeatedly.

I agree with cheesesteak in principle of martial arts and in a world of only honorable athletes but this doesn't fly well in sports where people lie about tapping and fouls. In a world where athletes flop, foul, cheat you run a definite risk of losing a fight if you don't go hard til the ref stops you.

snatched by paul harris in under a minute.

unoffical sub of the night