Pan Am 2004 for sale

The Pan Am 2004 are for sale for $24.95. The DVD is about 4 hours long and includes all the fights by Terere and Jacare.

I learned alot myself by watching these fights. Terere's sweep set-ups and Jacare's guard passing are worth the price alone.

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Sorry for the delay.

Looking forward to the DVD !

The 2004 Pan Ams were a great event. Jacare, Terere and Leozinho were unreal. I've never seen anything else like it. Thanks to BJJ Tapes for getting the DVD out in a reasonable amount of time.

Does anyone know the name of the American black belt who fought against Cafe and Terere in the Brazil vs. USA team competition?

Bjjtapes rules!!! Already ordered, can't wait!

Does anybody know which matches are on this DVD?

TTT for, they are fast and reliable!

is there any place we can get a list of all the matches on the tape?

Just order it! There's almost 4 hours of fights.

I ordered it yesterday!


Is it a secret which matches are on it? I emailed bjjtapes and jiu-jitsuprogear and nobody will tell me.

Don't have a list of the matches. It is basically the Terere and Jacare show. Every important match that was at the Pan Am made it to the DVD.

You will not be disappointed.

Bibiano Fernandes x Andre Soares

Braulio Estima x Cassio Werneck

Jacare x Braulio Estima

Todd Margolis x Braulio Estima

Cassio Werneck x Todd Margolis

Marcio Corletta x Café Dantes

Marcio Corletta x Fabio Ribiero

Daniel Moraes x Carlos Vieira

Daniel Moraes x Edson Diniz

Fredson Alves x Leo Vieira

Jacare x Fabio Nascimento

Jacare x Pascoal Castro

Jacare x Terere

Jacare x Todd Margolis

Carlos Vieira x Jared Wiener

Leo Vieira x Renato Migliacio

Carlos Vieira x Mitsuyoshi

Leandro Escobar x Dai Yoshioka

Eduardo Telles x Rener Gracie

Terere x Alan Zborovsky

Terere x Paulo Guillobel

Terere x Fabiano Victorino

Terere x Rodrigo Teixeira

Gabriel Vella x Eduardo Telles

Leo Vieira x Fabio Nascimento

Eduardo Telles x Todd Margolis

Terere x Ricardo Barros

bjjtapes, I remeber hearing a while back that you guys were doing a Jacare tape set? If so, is there an update you can give us?

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I filmed Jacare and Bibiano.

I am working like mad to release Margarida's full set, Pe de Pano's full set, and etc., Hopefully, by this summer alot will come out. I finally got alot of the quality mechanized and can work faster. In the beginning, I went a little crazy to constantly improve my quality, and that is why I was slow.

just curious, how did the match between Leandro Escobar x Dai Yoshioka go?

TTT once again, for!

to bjjtapes what do u mean by : " I am working like mad to release Margarida's full set, Pe de Pano's full set,etc... " are you talking about instructional videos or their bjj matches thx for the answer...


It looks like you will have to wait a week or two to find out...haha


jjbkmaro : He means instructional videos.