Pan-Am Draws

81kg. Cohen is in the bottom side of pool A. stands a very solid chance to get into semifinals where he will meet the winner of Canto (BRA), Lucenti (strong as hell guy from ARG), and Cardenas (CUB).
Boras (CAN) is in pool B, and has a much, much easier draw with no powerful nations represented whatsoever. completely lopsided drawing. Looks like he very well could/should make the final.

73kg. Reser's first match is Girones (CUB). Shitty draw, it'll be a tough start for him. He also has Novoa (CHI) and Lucenti (ARG) in his pool.
Triton (CAN) has an easier start to his day, but will face Mendes (BRA) in the quarterfinal.

66kg. Takata fights Novoa (CHI) first in pool B, then will face smaller names until the semifinal. At the top of his pool is powerhouse Arencibia (CUB).
Mehedovic (CAN) has a harder draw with Ortiz (VEN), Jacinto (DOM) and CUNHA (BRA) who have all had very solid world-level results.

60kg. Ligget is in pool A. he gets a bye, then a decent draw to the semi-finals where he will face the winner of 2 powerhouses in the new Gomez (CUB) and world medallist Albarracin (ARG).
Will (CAN) opens his day with Calindo (COL) in pool B. also in his quaterfinal is Lourenco (BRA).

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thanks for the info

Rousey won silver, Cohen and Mocco won bronze. Kubes and Aliev finished fifth.


Mega props to ChitownBrawla!!! Tits! Good potency!

How did his match with Canto go down?

from what Justin Flores said, it was even through 4 minutes and Aaron got caught with sumi.


Reser finished 0-2 on the day. I have no clue what happened. i know sayaka, gotay, leonhardt and Takata were all going for bronze and ligget took silver.

id say this was a pretty disappointing overall result for team USA. i know they trained their asses off for it and they deserve all our admiration and applause for their efforts.

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