Pan Pacs 2004 Official Results

A huge thankyou to all competitors, officials and spectators who participated in the 2004 Pan Pacific Championships.

As always the day was hectic and all six mats were kept busy. A special thanks to all the referees, who did a fantastic job, and to the many individuals who provided valuable assistance in staffing the event.

Below are the overall team results. The individual results will be posted on the AFBJJ website in the very near future. Please check in the coming days.

Best Regards

Chris Doyle
(AFBJJ media co-ordinator)

Adult Men
1. Gracie Barra – de Been 241 points
2. Will-Machado 89 points
3. Roots 43 points
4. Trilogy 25 points
5. Carlson Gracie Jr – Hall 16 points
6. Axiom 13 points
7. Rocha 10 points
7. Russo – Orca 10 points
8. Battistello 3 points

Adult Women
1. Will-Machado 27 points
2. Gracie Sydney 18 points
3. Gracie Barra- de Been 13 points
4. Rocha 10 points
5. Russo/Orca 9 points
6. Roots 6 points
7. Axiom 1 point

1. Gracie Barra-de Been 88 points
2. Will-Machado 13 points
3. Baker 9 points
4. Carlson Gracie Jr-Hall 3 points
5. Battistello 1 point

I heard I won best ref, is that true?


Was my pleasure to help out, wish I could have competed, but I can't stay healthy to save my life.

the rev

Go Trilogy!!

Out of interest, roughly how many competitors in adult men did the top 3 teams have?

Just asking cause I train at Trilogy who came in 4th and I know they only had 4 guys competing

Is Igor still training Judo with UNSW? John Buckley (3xAustralian Light HW champ) and Warren (6x Australian Champ + Olympian) are machines.

Very well done by Rocha, considering they were sending over a pretty small number of competitors. Congratulations also to my Will-Machado team-mates for their results :)

Dutch Law,

Yes Igor still does some Judo with UNSW and recently had John over at Trilogy teaching a judo seminar for the MMA and BJJ guys.

Unfortunately I missed it due to work.

"I heard I won best ref, is that true? "

Hey were you the ref who did not ref a final match in the women's blue division because one of the competitors was from your school?

yes that was me

I actually felt that trying to ref that match I would have tried to be unbiased resulting in being biased against my own team mate, who is also the girlfriend of the owner of the school, and he pays me to teach there.

Wouldn't have been fair to me, or either of the contestants. Not that anyone would have been mad at me if I decided against Soph.

the rev

Nah that was an understandable decision to make and I
understand your predicament as you described it. I would've
probably done the same thing too.

Hey if I had known that was you I would've come up and said hi. I
was one the time keepers for you on mat 6 for a few of your ref-
ing matches before the sophie/carmen fight.

Well now you know who i am, introduce yourself next time. :) And will you please explain to everyone, since you are obviously unbiased, that I am much more handsome than Elvis, thank you

the rev

"And will you please explain to everyone, since you are obviously unbiased, that I am much more handsome than Elvis, thank you"

I think after the PanPacs on Saturday, many people would say the SEXBEAST is more handsome than you or Elvis, I'm sorry.

The complete results for the Pan Pacs are now available at

Many thanks to Antony Richards for updating the site so quickly.

All the best

Chris Doyle

(AFBJJ media co-ordinator)

The sexbeast he's talking of (the man who's pants continually fall off exposing his SEXBEAST underwear) trains with us in MMA class as well. Blue belt? Blonde? similar size/weight

You are not talking about who I think you are talking about are you?


sexbeast in deed

the rev