Pan Pacs Question


What day is it - 1th or 12th of november?
Does it tend to run over/long into the night like the pan ams etc?
What time of day do blues and purples generally fight.


I cant remember if it was the last Vics or Pan Pacs, i didnt havent have my first match for 7hrs - then had 3 in 40mins. We didnt leave til 2130, after arriving at 0930 it was a long day.

If you're competing as a kid, you should be sweet
otherwise I'd advise taking some snacks and mayb a book

Check for date.
Yes, it will be the longest day of your life.

"Saturday November 11th at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre" according to

"Yes, it will be the longest day of your life." LOL, true, true.

Hey AvA, how's it going? You competing in the Pans this year?