Pan Pacs Team results

Does anyone know the placings for the adult team results ?

I want to know whether Dominance gets some free slabs and food .

sorry dude, 2nd. (will/machado). Very few guys from Geelong (7?)or the Hangar (??) unfortunately, and considering most of the fellas from NSW and QLD were at Spartan we did pretty well.

1st and 2nd in the Brown Belt div
1st and 3rd in the Purle Belt 73 - 79
1st in the open purple, and I've forgetten the rest :)

Didn't Hanger 4 have big numbers there last year?

Sounds like a great effort nonetheless.

Can someone give me a rundown on the brown belt div , who competed and who won what ?

Benbjj, are you sure?? I thought George Collected the mens 2nd place trophy, but also didn't pay that much attention as I was totally over it and slighty manic by the end.

George fought totima (sp?) did a great take down (no points), passed the guard 2 and finished with an armbar. The guy fought it well, but George just rodfe the arm better and got the tap. Big Dave got taken down by Ivan R to side control, Dave put him in the guard and cross lapel choked him.

George vs Dave, was good, George was on top for most of it I think and finished with a lower figure 4 type cutting armbar. Dave was saying it was a bit of both but put enuf rotational force on his elbow for him to tap.

George Sotiropoulos won, of course. I came second and if my spelling and reasoning is correct Minol came third and Ivan fourth, as third is uncontested and given to the guy that lost to the winner of the division for some strange reason. That pretty much covers it as that was the entire brown belt contingent on the day. All matches were decided by submission.


Thanks Cam I just wrote all that for nothing:)

George got me pretty good, but I am not injured and that is the main thing, unfortuantely Minol had a messed up elbow, as a result of the armbar that was put on him, if he is on this forum, best wishes for your recovery.


Great stuff. Sounds like a good day. Would have been even better if everyone had made. Hopefully next year the Pan Pacs and Spartan won't collide (or any other event).


Dave, I'll pass on your message to Minol. Sounds like he went pretty well :)


Thanks for that, appreciated.


Last I looked BJJ wasn't a team sport, so who gives a shit about "team" standings.

Here are the official team results.

A big thankyou to everyone who volunteered their time to help do staffing and refereeing on the day. The AFBJJ would especially like to thank Oliver Murray for accepting the head referee position on short notice. Never an easy task. It was very pleasing to see so many clubs represented. The skill level was exceptional and with quality people competing in the right spirit, the sport can only continue to grow.


Chris Doyle
(AFBJJ Media coordinator)

Childrens Teams event
1. Gracie Barra-de Been69 points
2. Baker Jiu Jitsu9 points
3. Gracie Barra-Rezende Sydney6 points

Womens Teams event
1. Roots37 points
2. Will-Machado21 points
3. HallCarlson Gracie Jr.18 points

Mens Teams Event
1. Gracie Barra-de Been175 points
2. Roots95 points
3. Will-Machado86 points
4. Gracie-Panno35 points
5. Gracie Barra-Rezende19 points
6. Hall Carlson Gracie Jr.13 points

Visit complete results will be posted soon.


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Is there any fear in this dojo?


I don't need a patch on my gi to tell me who I train with. I don't believe in the "patchwork gi".


No one wants me so i have no team patches on my gi.

self confessed patch bitch. :)

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The thing I like about Dave is he is loyal to bjj first and foremost...not the biggest army.

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Take which ever response is applicable and use it as you see fit.



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