Pan Pacs

So did any of you trolls medal or are you really just keyboard warriors? No complaining about entrance fees or "brazo" refs either! Phone Post

I medalled. But I still consider myself a keyboard warrior first and foremost. This... is... CAPSLOCK!!!!

Entrance fees are ridiculous. Phone Post

OP needs to answer his own question , start a thread , lead by example .

No I didn't compete and therefore did not medal. I thought it would be funny to start a thread like this before some one else started complaining about fees or refs or some such. :-) sorry if I've offended. Meant to have a laugh Phone Post

Not offended at all bro , it's all good . I didn't compete either .

I believe my instructor competed. and won his div in no go. Phone Post

I got four golds (female purple gi/no-gi divisions), and the outstanding female competitor award for finishing all of my matches via submission.

that is crazy where about in oz do you train. Phone Post

Melbourne yo! :)

freakin brag rat

Haha! Catch you Sunday Evilsorta.

not if i catch you first....

see what i did there?

WFA Phone Post