Panama City - Florida - BJJ or MMA?

 Anybody know of any "good" mma or BJJ schools/clubs in Panama City Florida?

i doubt there is one in that area...seriously...i know a girl who lives there and basically said its a boring and all "land"area type

 saw a couple karate schools and a panhandle self defense school.  Looking for BJJ or MMA for a friend moving down there.   

hmmm do the self defense or panhandlde self defense have a mma/bjj curriculuum part of the training there?

try the Community Forums for FLORIDA n see what is there :)

Was there a couple years ago for Spring Break. I didn't end up going to train, but I thought at the time that I had found a Sambo school online that was in either PC or PCB...

there is a legit sambo school there, cant remember the name currently...Ill make a phone call and get back to you. also, Capitao (danny ruiz/DLR) is in ft walton, about an hr or so west.

Sagiv Lapkin -

lol. never mind. thats what I get for not checking links. didnt realize that was it till I clicked it.

oh ok ...cuz battleFC said Panama City...panama city beach is a different area its not the same location

like in NY we have Long Island and Long Island City --its 2 VASTLY different parts of the city

There is hardly any gyms in the panama city or beach area. I used to live there

I come down here every year and sadly there is nothing in PCB... there may be an oppty to test your training at Hooters this Sat nite, though. ;)