Pancrase Hybrid History


There is a (Netflix I think?) series coming out next year “Pancrase Hybrid History” for those that like Pancrase content. I mentioned it here a few days ago but wanted to create a separate post so the info doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

My books are something totally separate from that (even though I link some of my interviews on his Facebook page he made me an admin on, just to drum up excitement for Pancrase in general). But my interviews will be, as always planned, compiled into my own MMA interview books (I’m aiming for two volumes in 2022, if all goes good!) So the interviews are all mine, no one else’s. :slight_smile:

I met the gentleman putting that together about six days ago and have been giving him some fight footage and such that he might be able to incorporate into his show, for the love of the subject matter. He threw me on IMDB as an associate producer- I’m flattered, but I’m just assisting a little for the short term (my MMA books and day job keep me very busy!).

So keep your eyes peeled for his stuff too- as it is more Pancrase related content for those interested!



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my body is ready


I find those ancient Pancrase fights fascinating and I love anything having to do with old school MMA. 

They’re actually doing a Pancrase show on Netflix?

That’s something I never would have expected.

I’m all in if true.

Love old school Pancrase!

Can’t wait for pankration to return to the oylmpics