Pancrase result...Maeda now 12-0


December 21, 2004
Korakuen Hall
Tokyo, Japan

Featherweight Bout
Yoshiro Maeda wins by knockout at 4:02 of the first round over Tsuiki Minoru

...this brings Maeda to 12-0 finishing 7 of them via TKO/KO. They need to pair this guy up against Pequeno or KID

Maeda is good,but I don't know if he is ready for Kid or Pequeno just yet.Maybe Pequeno,cause of the style match up,but Kid might be a bit much.

Would love to see him and my fighter, Ivan Menjivar, fight!!

yes, menjivar x maeda!


Would be a great scalp for Menjivar


It's too bad Menjivar has such a tough time getting fights at 145. He is an absolute beast, and on top of that, is one of the most exciting fighters I've seen at any weight, constant action always looking to finish.


Pequeno would def be tested since he was KO'd by Abe who isn't known for his hands, and Maeda is. Kid vs Maeda would be intense.

Maeda is huge for that weight. He'd even be a big 155.