pancrase show was incredible!

wow what a show!!! I am just back from pancrase and it was incredible!

best fight of the night was Nathan vs Eiji. truelly a classic fight which ended in a draw. this fight needs a rematch as soon as possible. even if it was a draw.
first round Nathan tried to finsihs the fight by a choke. but Eiji did not give up and the second round nathan looked tired, and eiji took advantage of that and came through with some good punches. third round. nathan again had a rear naked very tight but eiji did not gave up. and fought furiously through the third round to get the draw. truelly a amazing fight.

also Shannon vs Yuki kondo although short was very good. Shannon opening direct with trying to knee kondo into the face. instead of yuki setting the pace for the fight it was shannon who took the pace to yuki. after the nice take down of shannon. yuki went for 2 sub mission atempts and the second one he succeeded. but short good fight!

the other fight that should be mentioned which was also very good. Shibuya vs Takeuchi
but because of some major referee fuck up. it paced down the fight. still very good!

and also the way Gono Koed his oponent like he was a charachter in a computergame. like somekind of special forward punch.

if you get the chance to see it on videoptape or dvd or broadcast. watch it, because it is worth it!

Thanks for the news!

Motokazu Kobayashi - Kazuya Hirose (Draw)

. Ken Orihashi def Iro Zeki (1R 4:18 KO)

. Masashi Kameda def Mitsuhisa Sunabe (1R disqualified)

. Koji Oishi def Masakazu Kuramochi (2R 4:13 TKO)

. Katsuya Inoue def Hikaru Sato (1R 3:53 KO)

. Akihiro Gono def Tsuyoshi Kurihara (1R 2:15 KO)

. Izuru Takeuchi - Osami Shibuya (Draw)

. Nathan Marquardt - Eiji Ishikawa (Draw)

. Yuki Kondo def Shannon Ritch (1R 1:01)