Pankration comming to Pendleton!!!

A Pankration Tournament is tenatively set for Saturday Nov. 20th at the San Onofre community center, Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton. The Community center is just South of the Basilone Rd. exit off I-5 between Orange County and San Diego.

Pankration is a amateur level competition geared towards those who want to compete in MMA at a safer level. Rules allow strikes to the body, takedowns and submissions. The tournament is double elimination with a consulation bracket. Each match is 3 minutes long.

The event is open to all Military, active and reserve; Law Enforcemnet Officers; Fire Dept./ EMT personnel and their guests ( Guests must be accompied by/ Sponsered by a represenitive of one of the above). A seperate Teen division ( ages 14 to 17 ) may be added.

All spectators are welcome. You need a valid drivers license and proof of insurance to get on Base.

More information will be up at by next week.

ttt for Pendleton