PANKRATION in World Amateur Games

The World Amateur Martial Arts Games will be held Aug 20th at the Jenny Craig Pavilion, Universtity of San Diego. We are expecting over 500 competitors from all over the the US and World. See venue here:
Pankration will be the highlighted event along with Olympic Teakwondo, and Open Karate. Pankration will have divisions for kids, teens, Adult Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Seniors (over 40 yrs). The 2006 California Pankration Championships were held on May 7th and drew almost 150 competitors. We anticipate 200 plus Pankration fighters for the World Amateur Games.

So Cal Pankration ( will conduct the Pankration part of the event on three wrestling mats with electronic bracketing.

Pankration rules are geared towards safety. These tournaments are great for getting experience before jumping into full rules MMA and equally benifitual for weekend warriors who want to step up from Submission Grappling but to return to work or school Monday.

If you don't know what Pankration is check out the video clips from the May 7th California Championships