PAPA SIMS Hero Jacket

Guys when my father found me (I was an orphan in Nam when he saw a VC run into the orphanage and he fired an RPG into it killing everyone but me) He was wearing this jacket.

To this day my family still talks about 2 things, the first hearing my cry under a pile of dead baby arms and legs.

The second was dads Tiger Box stories of being neck high in swamp water fending off river rats with his teeth while Charlie used his head as a urinal...

anyway here is dads famous jacket

start bidding and remember this article of clothing is a part of Sims family history!

PS: I have to get rid of it because everytime dad sees it he starts to army crawl around the house checking for "trip wire" as well as looking in the A/C vents for dudes wearing black pajamas.

Brother, why is this being sold?

please refer to post #2

Hey Mike Camp do you think that this jacket will match your wifes combat boots?

Jamie Levine, if you wear this jacket you might not have to register because your neighbors and the police wont know your living there!

Bid NOW while you still can!

Wow, that souds like a Lt Coolidge story right out of Pulp Fiction. Don't forget the watch on the baby Kangaroo, next to the bed. Good luck on the auction Wes.

Mir, you can now walk into your local BK with absolute privacy without worry.

Eating until your absolutly full without worry of fans seeing you!

evil master when you come to the states no one will have any idea that you are from Canada wearing this jacket!

jonathon Weizorick, put this jacket on tomorrow for your fight, that way after you get the living fuck beat out of you people will be left saying... who was that guy!

dude did you read my first post? that 100% certifiable Grade A VC DNA


I will personally gaurentee your fighting skill level will improve just based on wearing this jacket.

TTT for The Whole Show's Army memorabilia and family heirloom.

Read my above post, do you think any twister type DVD will promise you that type of action?

No way because they are not as usefull in fighting as dads Hero Jacket

Knockout Radio supports the bidding of this item and the powers you will possess once it's adorned.

Check out the hidden easter eggs in the Sims Army Jacket!

holy fuck... how lame

charlie don't surf!!....or have any kind of ground game!!


Direct  LINK  to the Hero Jacket.

Hey Big Wes, have you received that Care Package I sent you yet?

Best wishes bro,

The Math Librarian