Paper Cutter Option #3

Here's the third option for the paper cutter that I was talking about yesterday. It's another personal favorite. The sound effects are necessary to get the tap!

this is my favourite variation of the choke Phone Post 3.0

Love the technique.....but what the heck with the sheep as your logo lol?!?!

I stole the logo from on of my favorite bands, Minor Threat. I figure I'm sort of a black sheep in BJJ.

Love the sound effect to emphasize the brutality part

Bigboy purple belt here, my favorite choke since white belt!

Awesome variation sir! your Option 2 is something I will be drilling I always trap that hand in that trex position, its always there from the frame! But I never thought to go under that far and feed it through for the bread cutter!

Thank you for sharing sir! Blew my mind today with something I always do, this is why you are a black belt and I love jiu-jitsu! I will be drilling and choking people soon! Voted up!


I'm glad you guys have liked the series!

Love this variation, it's the first way I was shown and it's the one I use most Phone Post 3.0

Nice. I actually have not seen that detail before. Thanks. Phone Post 3.0