obv the debate on whether or not supernatural phenomena exists incites venom in any related thread


i usually hear these arguments AGAINST the POSSIBILITY of "supernatural" or something that cant currently be explained by science


"ghosts/supernatural occurences are as real as Leprechauns, Unicorns, and Fairies"


there are countless numbers of normal, rational people on the OG and all over the world that have experienced, or claimed to have experience, something supernatural, whether involving ghosts, hauntings, sightings, things moving around, energies, what have you, etc.....

there are shows like celebrity ghost stories where famous actors and musicians will go on camera to recount expereinces with the paranormal/ghosts etc in their lives.....


but how many people actually have claimed to spot s unicorn, leprechaun, or fairy......there may be a wacko here and there, but where are the great numbers of people that actually have claimed to see one of these things


so i do not think that this comaprison or argument against the existence of supernatural is valid or proper



and i wont even bother explaining the stupidity of the argument of

"well if there really are ghosts, wouldnt they be looking at naked people, killing people, doing whatever you would do if you were a ghost"

im not saying it's "ghosts" per se, but i believe there are currently things people experience that cannot be explained CURRENTLY by the info and scientific knowledge currently present


besides never having experienced it yourself, or nothing in the science books proving it


what are some better logical arguments against eh POSSIBILTY of paranormal, supernatural, ghosts, etc.?


what can you say to the millions of people that are convinced they have experienced supernatural things to prove it was something totally explainable.......people often say "mind playing tricks".......ok then what scientific phenomena explains your "mind playing tricks"



Tell that to my pet unicorn.