Parents let your GF stay over in teenage years?

The question is asked........ 

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Yep. From 16ish y/o old on. Not sure I would allow the same. 

Yes.  Would not allow same if it's my daughter lol

Yes but only if she stayed in their room

Yeah. Kinda weird now that I think about it.

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My first real girlfriend in high school, her mom bought her condoms and bang in the house

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No way

Yes.  Had to sleep in separate rooms until about 16.  

not a chance...

Only after I was in college. Not in high school no way. 

Yes, I was 17 she was 16. Both of our parents let us stay the night.

Did I let my daughter do that, fuck no

of course how could they stop it?

No stopping what can't be stopped. 

Wasn't happening in my home. My parents were very old school traditional Hispanic upbringing. My dad was against it for financial reasons he's not running a hotel. My mom from a catholic perspective good girls wait until marriage. If my mother found out the girl I was dating was giving it up she was no longer girlfriend / marriage worthy in her eyes. My son was sleeping over his girlfriend's house at 18. Because of my upbringing I was shocked. 

i dont think i would be brave enough or maybe dumb enough to even think of asking this question

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Not my parents, but my GF’s Mom would let me stay there.

They were both whores, so it was a great setup for me…never smashed the Mom tho…sorry OG, I’ve let you down.

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My daughter's doctor asked me if she was sexual active.  I said hell no, she just lays there like her mother.


I was in my teens when my gf would stay almost every night at my parents house with me. She was older and her parents didn’t care if she stayed the night. Mom and Dad knew better than to come downstairs. A black light would have shown the carnage.

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My parents were cool af. 

Lost my V to a girl 2 yrs older than me. Her parents let us smesh freely. 

My parents were always cool. My lil sis never even thought of having boys over. I slaughtered tons of chicks in my room as a young man. 

Typing this makes me feel horrible for making my mom deal w that. 

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Hell no! I snuck her in the window. My parents were pretty cool but they would've laughed in my face if I asked to have my girl stay the night.